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Posted by Harald_Rc | Mar 27, 2019 @ 03:10 PM | 675 Views
Hello Everybody!

Some weeks ago I got my Great Spectra, I was looking a long time for this model, as I always flew a very similar one, here is a little backstory about that:
This glider is very special to me because the Spectra is the motorized version of the well-known Spirit 2m.
My brother has a Spirit and he has had it for around 20 years, I remember when I was a toddler, my family would bring me to the flying-field of my father best friend, (owner of a PT-17 Stearman too! ) and with his son, my brother would run across the field in the dirt-runway pulling a line to tow the gliders that is the back-story of my love for this glider.
Now I see that old Spirit 2m and ask my brother to rebuild it so we can fly together Spirit and Spectra. So I will waste no more time and start this log for once and for all!!

27th of March: So I open the box and no worries at all, the kit looks beautiful! Now this an early edition kit from the early 90s, so it is at least 25 years old. The wood quality is great (Great Planes has never let me down in quality of their products) so I take out the plan, I examine it an find it easy to read, then I open the instruction book and open the 2nd page, to check in the contents that every piece is in the box (all pieces are in, so I proceed to wax the plan) for those of you that are new in kit-building; Waxing is the process in which you cover with candle wax the plan sections in which you are going to build on top of, this is because the...Continue Reading