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Posted by Theskatingmaker | May 08, 2018 @ 06:13 AM | 1,754 Views
Banggood is crap. I ordered a product a month ago. It had a faulty esc, so I opened a ticket. It has been a month of arguing, and the only solution is wait a while for the part or get $40. No one else sells the part!!! Banggood is the only place I can get the esc. I ordered it a month ago, and my race is in 16 days. They are not being cooperative and they are not good sellers. Do not buy from them. If you must, us paypal so you can open a PayPal dispute. Horrible company, with horrible quality control products and horrid customer service.
Posted by Theskatingmaker | Mar 26, 2018 @ 03:06 PM | 1,480 Views
Sup guys! Today i'm going to be reviewing the Eachine vr011 fpv goggles. They are really good goggles, and I fly with them regularly. They won't compare to Fatsharks or Skyzones, but they are really good budget goggles. They are available on banggood for USD $78, and you can find them here at Lets dive in!

What's included
  • Vr011 fpv box goggles
  • head strap
  • battery
  • DVR
  • Cables
  • wipes
  • manual
  • Charging cable
  • Dipole antennas

The manual is kinda useless, it doesn't tell you that much info. The goggles are on the light side for me, considering the features it holds. The goggles can be split into 2 parts; the "goggle" part with the head strap and fresnel (magnification) lens, and another part, which is the monitor part. These goggles have diversity, which is two receivers inside the goggles and two antennas. Eachine also makes a goggle set that has false diversity, with two antennas but one receiver (one of the antennas are not connected). I have personally opened up these goggles, and it is indeed true diversity (two receivers). The stock antennas don't give range at all, so I would recommend getting other antennas (omnidirectional, patch, directional, pagoda, ect.).

Out of the box, the colors are decent, but with some tweaking, they can be made really good. The DVR slides into a slot on the side, and plugs into the port. Once you insert a micro sd card, press the arrow pointing towards the right to start recording, and press again to stop. You can't view the recordings without the 3.5mm cable, so if you would like to play back video, plug that into the port above the battery cord. You can fit smallish glasses inside of these, so if you need glasses, that's a plus. Unfortunately, there isn't a adjustable lens t change focus

Overall, these are really good fpv goggles, and I use them regularly. I would recommend these to anyone starting out, and anyone who needs new goggles. If you need fpv goggles, get these, they won't disappoint.
Posted by Theskatingmaker | Feb 20, 2018 @ 08:57 PM | 1,152 Views
Hi guys! I have a tinywhoop, and carrying around a 3s and a long stick charger is bulky and annoying, so, as a random project, I started to make a concept for a portable, small 1s charger. it uses a 1s lipo, as other lipos are super bulky, and i found one on Adafruit that is a 2500mah lipo. Using this and a tp4056 board, I constructed a schematic for the charger. Please do not judge my CAD abilities, I am a beginner and used TinkerCad. Also, could you tell me what you think about it? I am still kind of a noob when it comes to batteries ant the technical specs, and I would really appreciate the advice. Also, please let me know if this is a good idea, I havenít seen anything small and portable that can charge a 1s. Can you bind two thin 1s together to make a 2s?

Thanks guys!

(also, for some reason when I open the stl file in windows mixed reality, color does't appear, so here is a reference pic.)

Kai Lin

Tiny Whooping with e011 fc and the stock controller, as well as eachine vr011 fpv goggles.