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Posted by polarholidays | Feb 12, 2018 @ 04:10 AM | 416 Views
You might have tamed most of the world, but one vast stretch of the planet still remains beyond your grasp. What is it? The answer is “Antarctica”. This frozen continent is located at the end of the earth and has never been occupied by man permanently.

Planning a travel to Antarctica is an adventure in every sense. Even if you’re cruising there like most people do, the emptiness and the solitude will envelop you and bring you down to scale.

Not only solitude comes to mind when you’re first, standing in the middle of a penguin colony on a shoreline of Antarctica. You can ask anyone who’s enjoyed cruising in Antarctica. Be sure to beguiled by the stories about spectacular landscapes, historic sightings, and exotic wildlife species.

Do you wonder what the best time to travel to Antarctica is? Take a look at this post and get a better overview of the seasons that can be experienced in Antarctica.

The peak time for Antarctica visit falls through the spring and summer months – from October to March. The rest of the year is too cold, there is limited, if any, daylight, and thick pack ice makes human access impossible.

The Spring –

The spring in Antarctica entails October, November, and December. Those months mark the early steps of summer, yet the continent is engulfed by in snow.

Want to see the beautiful landscapes? The spring season in Antarctica won’t disappoint you at all. Besides, the snow conditions are icebergs are perfect during this time as the...Continue Reading