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Posted by Ns513 | Feb 05, 2018 @ 11:41 AM | 2,096 Views
Hello fellow RC enthusiasts. I recently purchased the V2 upair 4k drone on Amazon. It flies great, and contrary to most reviews, does everything it's supposed to. However... while producing very impressive video quality for a drone of its price range, the Framerate of the video when played back on my desktop computer, then laptop, then phone is nothing less than repulsive. The drone video itself claims 25 fps however when I inspected the properties on the desktop computer for example, it was sitting somewhere around 11. Could this be due to the device I'm playing the video On? Or possibly the QuickTime movie player I had to download in order to view the weird ass file type this drone was uploading on to my sd card? Any suggestions as to the cause of this issue and proposed solutions would be greatly appreciated, and please keep in mind I'm rather new to the hobby so that being said, English, please. Thank you and happy flying.