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Posted by Coreyland81 | Feb 05, 2018 @ 03:52 AM | 1,840 Views
Hi To whoever takes their time reading this. But I really need help. I wanted to take something new up, and I saw someone selling the Aeroflyte Kit No. 124 Hustler - Aileron Wing Kit No. 180 which I think was the 1980 model? Well anyway my mate picked it up for me and when he dropped it off to me and I open the box and looked at all the bits and pieces, I noticed there was not 1 piece of paper with any sort of plan or instructions to help me even get a start. Pretty gutted as I was ecstatic to get started! But yeah. No start has taken way yet. Im having absolutely no luck finding anything to help over the net and no one seems to be able to help me. If someone could please help me in getting my hands on a building plan, id appreciate it and owe you the world honestly.