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Posted by Ninja0430 | Jan 22, 2018 @ 02:13 PM | 1,827 Views
I bought this plane a long time ago 1 to 2 years and when i tried to fly it 1 to 2 years ago it didn't work. It was working fine when i first turned it on but when i did the range check you need to do, it stopped working after that it wouldn't work at all. And i left the battery plugged in for awhile so it puffed. After unplugging it i wouldnt fly the plane for awhile. Now after those few years i ordered a battery and i plugged it in and it still doesn't work. When i turn it on it makes 1 long beep and two quick beeps and then i turn the plane on and it makes the rudder turn to the left by itself and no matter what i do there's no response from the control surfaces. I don't know what to do.