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Posted by FlyDLG | Nov 24, 2006 @ 05:24 AM | 4,285 Views
Just thinking about the stuff I got planned for next year and setting the prioroties straight.

My DLG season for next year is looking Grim..
I'm going full throttle with school now and really haven't touched Indoor Freeflight nor DLG since the Fall semester started.
Not to mention the last time my hands were on an airplane they were putting my Indoor Hand Launch Stick away in it's Big Black Coffin.

The US F1D Team selection will be held sometime next summer, I would like to try out which means building three new F1D Models. My first and only model won't cut it at the weight it's at now; it will probably be used for its wing and stab as spare parts.
I hope the Finals won't interfere with the summer class I plan on taking; I really hope it doesn't.
I also need to rebuild my HLS and try out for the World Record again at Lakehurst.

I plan on keeping my XP4 (I was thinking about selling it on here) The wing is pretty beat up but it still flies nicely and it's still about 10oz. I have an XP4.5 wing for it that I planned on putting an RDS with D60s in it. I figured it would take me less time to get the XP4.5 wing set up for the current model to get it in the air quicker than one of the Taboo's...

I have two Taboo GT's sitting under my bed, one of them has been down there for a little over a year now. I planned on putting D47s all around in one of them with a 250mAh pack aiming for 8.1oz, the other one was going to have RDS in the wing with D60s and a full...Continue Reading