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Posted by Barrett6 | Jan 14, 2018 @ 01:36 PM | 1,997 Views
My Upair one plus 4K drone has an error that popped up when trying to compass calibrate (see pic) ďFailed Motors canít be lockedĒ. So naturally I searched online to find out how to unlock the motors with no luck. I canít seem to find anything about it locking or how to unlock.

I saw a reboot but all the videos are difficult to follow and the motors donít spin. I tried looking on the drone for a switch or button but nothing.

Iíve had it flown before and it crashed but still worked the week before. So when I pulled it out everything works the app, camera, gimbal from remote, just the motors wonít work. Iíve tried re-connecting the remote to the drone. Any help would be appreciated!