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Posted by mikeski430 | Jan 18, 2018 @ 08:21 PM | 1,946 Views
Just bought 2x E011c and removed the annoying christmas song speaker.
This was the cheapest way to go rather than buying the E011 from Banggood.
My question is does any one know what budget transmitter works well with this drone? only asking because the one provided is too small and up/down toggle is so touchy that i cannot control it.
I bought a Propel nano 2.0 previously and this was easy to learn how to fly but one of my motors fried. Propel do not get back to me about where i can buy new motor so i gave up on that venture and that is how i came across the Eachine E011c.
Read some info on the Bayangtoys X9 transmitter being compatible.
One drawback, the X9 transmitter lacks a button to flip to inverted position what ever that means??