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Posted by Jeffrey Ewing | Feb 07, 2018 @ 05:45 PM | 2,313 Views
Just finished my latest build. This one was a lot of fun, but as soon as I am ready to go fly... the bottom falls out. I got to do a test hover yesterday evening, so I know this thing's gonna fly. This is a Tokio sx frame my nephew picked up from right here on the groups for Christmas. So I went into full panic mode needing new drone parts. I have the Holybro Kakute F4 V1.4 installed, new dalrc engine escs, 2207 2550kv emax light spec motors, tramp vtx, foxeer arrow v3,and this timei decided to try out the frsky radio and receiver(rsxr). I've got the radio all set up with the custom sound packs, LUA scripts and everything in between. Everything seems to be working very nicely. I just need some beautiful weather to really see what this thing will do. I wanted to set this thing up for 6s, but at the time of ordering my escs there really wasn't any 4in1 blheli32 escs 6s capable... so I compromised. I went with a 5s capable setup instead, and as fate would have it. They release something along the lines of exactly what i was looking for... a few days later... after I spend what I have set aside for my drone budget...WHAT THE ??? That just seems to be my luck sometimes. Well anyhow. Like I said for those who are intereste I've posted some pics of my setup. I just want to give a big THANKS to RC Groups and everyone who bought some of my used stuff. Without you all and this forum... this little project right here may have been put off till summer.
Thanks again, Jeff P.S. So me and my nephew have been kicking around this idea of building a complete REAL ready to fly set up with everything a pilot would need to be completely race ready out of the box...nothing left to do but charge your batteries. Let me know if this is a good idea.
Posted by Jeffrey Ewing | Jan 27, 2018 @ 04:41 PM | 1,071 Views
This is my first blog so I'm not sure what would be interesting content. Frustrated with the postal system today. Was waiting on the final piece to my new racing drone project and was let down by the mail carrier today. Go figure. I just wanna say thanks again to all the drone patrons out there who purchased my spare parts. Because of you guys I may be ready for the next racing season. I've broken down three drones to get everything in order and lined up for my new project. I'll post some pics of everything when it's all said and done. I'm loving this hobby a bunch. So much so, I've set aside painting for a bit to get stuff in order for this build. I'm hoping to be set up someday to do my oil painting and continue building and flying drones... for a living... someday. Anyhow I got some great advice from an awsome artist who said it's always a good idea to start a blog for artist starting out (I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this,but this is my blog right?). So I'm gonna use this as a starting point to get my name out there, because I know drone pilots come from all walks of life. I'll post pics of my latest builds and paintings for all who are interested to see. Attached is my first portrait of my mother... sorry about the blue line in the pics. My camera on my phone sucks. Also are a couple of my first builds. I'm just trying to get my name out there. The struggle is real. I hope everyone who's made it this far has a great day and God bless.