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Posted by Mitchval9216 | Dec 30, 2017 @ 12:04 AM | 1,832 Views
Hey there , so Iím new to fpv and having trouble trying to figure out whatís been wrong with my drone. So here It goes,

I recently bought a wizard x220 everything stock, I have the eachine 100 72 channel goggles the ones that came out in 2016 I believe, and also use the fly sky fsia6 controller.

So about a week ago I was noticing that my video quality was getting a little weird, when I would fly away from my body the video was great but when I would turn back towards me the video would get all fuzzy so I went and replaced the vtx with the TBS unify pro v2 and I installed It to the 5v on my pdb and once I had everything connected right I tested It out on the bench to make sure. And I couldnít walk more that 10 feet with out the video cutting out completely and I looked up that It could be the camera which when ever I would touch the video would get worse but not complete out until I would walk away I also tried to fly It and same results. So should I replace the vtx again or the camera because my goggles are fine i bought them new and never dropped that was just wonder if I could get some help!