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Posted by AeroSaeed | Mar 04, 2018 @ 01:57 PM | 1,329 Views
Dear friends
Hi, I have started to build a quadcopter with these components:
1. S500 frame
2. T-motor airgear350
3. 4Cell battery
4. Pixhawk CUAV autopilot (+mission planner)
5. Frsky TARANIS -plus Radio Control (+ openTx)
I have assembled quadcopter components, but unfortunately my radio control doesn’t work correctly. The radio control binding procedure was accomplished successfully and the receiver LED indicates green color. But the problem is here: when I move transmitter sticks, the mission planner software shows nothing on screen (doesn’t react to them) and radio control calibration doesn’t complete correctly, however switches and digital trims work well and I can see the response of mission planner to motion of them. Please help me!

Transmitter Problem (2 min 21 sec)