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Posted by Liam_G | Dec 27, 2017 @ 01:23 PM | 1,786 Views
I am totaly new to drone en fpv stuff.
So I ordered everything that i need to make a racing quad. It fly's pretty good and has a lot of power.

The next thing that I wanted to put in it was all the fpv equipment. It works fine when the motors are not spinning and also when I hive it a little bit of throttle but when I give it more then half throttle the video signal just cuts out . Sometimes the signal comes back but then cuts out again and this keeps repeats itself every few secondes.

Without the props it doesnt cut out.
The frequency of the radio doesn't interfere with the one from the fpv feed because I strap it to the armrest of a chair.
The frame has plastic arms so can't let noise thrue.
Then I took all the fpv gear off the quad en just layed it next to the quad to test for vibrations and powered the quad and the fpv gear with two different batteries, still static.
I used ferite rings en capacitors in the power wires, also didn't help.
The batteries can put out enough amps for the motors. (tested with a watt meter)

Can someone tell me what can cause the interfearence and how to fix it?

My setup:

-frame: spedix 250QH
-motors: Multistar 2204 2300kv
-esc: afro race spec 20amp
-board: rjx SP racing F3 evo
-PDB: rjx SP F3/F3evo special pdb
-Receiver: FrSky x4r
-Radio: FrSky qx7
-camera: Turnigy HS1177
-vtx: diatone SP2
-antenna: quanum pagoda rhcp
-vrx: quanum fpv diversity receiver
-Battery: nano teck 2200mah 45-90c 3S
-Capacitor: 480uF 35v