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Posted by Brushlessblast | Dec 26, 2017 @ 12:43 PM | 1,274 Views
Hello there, Iím new to this website and Iím glad to be a new member!
Iím the proud owner of three 1/10 scale electric cars, one of which is my Carisma GT10DT brushless desert buggy, that Iíve now had for a year or so. Itís been a few months now itís been running on 2s lipos (which completely changes the car from itís stock performance), and I now have the urge for another upgrade !
I know all the electronics can easily handle 3s power, and Iíve got all the transmission spares. The only problem Iím facing now is the size: the car is overall quite small (that much that it is in fact categorized as a ę†mini 1/10†Ľ, so not quite a 1/12 but close) and the battery compartment is pretty small too. Even when I remove the battery tray, the space is lacking for any sort of bigger battery. So I now struggle to find any 3s lipo with a reasonable Amperage that fits. Any suggestions? It can take anything within a 105x33x16 mm size. Thanks for your help, any advice is welcome !