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Posted by Black Turbine | Dec 14, 2017 @ 05:29 PM | 1,470 Views
so i bet u like quadcoptes so u probably know what brushless motor is i bought racerstar BR0703 brushless outrunner motors and they are tiny only 10 mm wide 1mm shaft and they are horrible i was mounting it and the wire simply fell off at that point i was ready to flip a table so if u wanna see me repair them just follow me into this repairing nightmare i cannot get a good pic on the stator how small it is

1. tools + soldering station+1mm drill bit
2. materials bamboo stick 14cm long 4.2mm wide or close to those sizes, 7mm long coarse thread(wood screw thread) screw 1.7mm wide, fine tooth screw 1.3mm wide any length will work
1. unscrew the mounting screws
2. cut or unsold er the wires
3. remove the propeller
4. remove the retainer
5. remove the rotor of the stator
update soon merry Crismas and happy new year ...Continue Reading