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Posted by GerhardRSA | Dec 05, 2017 @ 02:40 AM | 2,557 Views
I still remember the excitement at the beginning of 2017 when we discovered the Tarot Peeper UAV.

Always looking for new platforms to satisfy the needs of our clients, we ordered the first 3 Peepers to populate with the required flight control systems and cameras. We eventually settled for the Pixhawk flight controller and a choice between the Slantrange Multispecral camera and FLIR Duo Pro.

First impressions were extremely favourable - the Peeper lived up to its expectation of stable flight operations, payload and long endurance capabilities.

Now one year later we can testify that after months of testing, and flight upon flight, spending hours in the air, the Tarot Peeper has proven itself a total dud.

Beware! Don't be tempted to buy the Peeper, even though it has the most attractive, stealth-like appearance of all drones on the market!

The first problem we encountered was the motor mounts merely breaking off in mid-air during flight operations. To counteract on this problem we 3D printed our own motor mounts. This has proven to be a valuable alternative to the dingy plastic mounts supplied by Tarot.

This being sorted, we noted that there was a persistent vibration present affecting the whole of the frame during flight operations. No matter how we changed the settings, the vibration just won't disappear. Eventually it became apparent that the "patented" knob system fixing the arms to the fuselage presented a weak point in the sturdiness of the...Continue Reading