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Posted by Sajalsh25 | Dec 04, 2017 @ 02:18 AM | 1,694 Views
Hello RCGroups as this is my first Blog post on so i can be a little bit wrong so go easy on me

So i am planning on making a octocopter which has a range of greater than 100 miles.
It's a hard project regarding all the laws and components / parts but still its a challenge that i won't give up until i reach my Destination.

Currently these are my specifications of My Octocopter :

Frame : Tarot Iron Man TL100B01
Flight Controller : 3DR Pixhawk PX4
Motors : Tarot 4114/320kv brushless
Propellers : 14*4.7
Speed Controller ESC : Tarot 40A 2-6S TL2953
Battery : 20,000 mAh (x2) 6 cells 25C (22.2V)
Receiver : Futaba T8FG Super 2.4G 14CH
Telemetry : ODroid XU4 , Nova PPM Sensor , Matek Distribution Board


PLEASE Guide me guys as this is my first building Quadcopter / Octocopter and this is a very big project.

Thankyou for your time taken to read all this info. appreciate ya Good Fellas!