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Posted by MrGearbest | Apr 08, 2018 @ 05:41 AM | 1,405 Views
Review XK A430 Radio Control Fixed-wing Airplane Brushless RTF + BIG DISCOUNT

RC Review - XK Edge A430 Sport Airplane (16 min 0 sec)

For more info + Buy it : XK A430
The Product is available on GEARBEST for 100$ but you can use this coupon MarDeal24 you'll get it for 85$

Main Features:
● This is a RC fixed-wing airplane which made of EPS. This great material contributes an impact resistance, good-looking appearance and light weight aircraft.
● With 2.4GHz transmission technology and can be compatible with FUTABA S-FHSS.
● Equipped with brushless motor, your RC plane can fly for a long time and you can recode it if it cannot satisfy you anymore.
● 6G mode uses 6 axis gyro which ensures a good flight performance and stability, easy to operate, very suitable for beginner.
● 3D flight mode uses 3 axis gyro. Players can order the airplane to do various aerobatics easily.
● 3D / 6G mode can be switch easily, even beginner can operate it to do professional actions.
● With high rate battery, it can support a flight time of 5 - 8mins.
● Max to 200m control distance, have more fun with this RC toy!
● Nice gift for friends and RC toys fans.

For more info + Buy it : XK A430
The Product is available on GEARBEST for 100$ but you can use this coupon MarDeal24 you'll get it for 85$
Posted by MrGearbest | Feb 06, 2018 @ 03:53 PM | 1,912 Views
Review BAYANGTOYS X21 Brushless RC Quadcopter + Coupon

BAYANGTOYS X21, based on X16, has been significantly improved. The RC quadcopter equipped with two global positioning systems - GPS, so it can hover automatically and stay wherever you want steadily. You can use the 8MP camera to take 1080P 30fps videos and transfer 720P 60fps FPV to your phone via WiFi connection within 250 - 300m away from the drone.

The gimbal, whose pitch and roll axis can be adjusted manually, allows you to take smooth shots from different angles. In addition, the intelligent flight modes, like Follow Me and Point of Interest, enable you to get desirable photos or videos easily.

BAYANGTOYS X21 GPS & 1080P Drone (21 min 32 sec)

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Main Features:

● Dual GPS modules enable precise Position / Altitude Hold, Follow Me and Point of Interest outdoors
● 8MP camera stabilized by a gimbal to take 1080P 30fps HD videos and transmit 720P 60fps FPV within 250 - 300m
● The pitch and roll of the gimbal can be adjusted manually before takeoff, so that you can change the angle of view easily
● Geomagnetic Headless Mode, compared to the traditional one, the calibration before takeoff is unnecessary
● Fail-safe Return, One Key Return, and Low Voltage Return guarantee that the UAV can always return safely

Posted by MrGearbest | Jan 13, 2018 @ 04:35 PM | 2,590 Views
BAYANGTOYS X16 GPS Brushless RC Drone for just 99$

BAYANGTOYS X16 RC quadcopter, equipped with powerful brushless motors and a GPS module, is more competent to bring you an enjoyable flight. Thanks to the GPS module, you do not need to calibrate the direction before takeoff and X16 will head back directly as soon as you recall it. Moreover, BAYANGTOYS X16 brushless drone has a high-performance propulsion system which can support up to 450g payload, giving you a great freedom to install the gimbal and the camera. There is also Altitude Hold Mode for smooth shots.

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you will get the BAYANGTOYS X16 for just 99.99$

Main Features:
● Geomagnetic Headless Mode, compared to the traditional one, the calibration process before takeoff is unnecessary
● GPS-enabled Automatic Return allows the UAV go straight to the home point from long away
● Air Press Altitude Hold keeps the quadcopter flying firmly at the same height in the air
● High / Low Speed Switch makes it more suitable for the intermediate and the advanced players
● Supports 450g payload, 5.5 - 12V output for installing additional devices like the gimbal and the camera

Aircraft body weight: 688g
Size: 29 x 29 x 18.5cm ( not including propellers )

To Buy on Gearbest : Click Here
The Regular price is $140.86 but if you use this coupon : HNYear163
you will get the BAYANGTOYS X16 for just 99.99$

Posted by MrGearbest | Dec 24, 2017 @ 08:14 AM | 1,658 Views

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Posted by MrGearbest | Dec 22, 2017 @ 07:42 AM | 2,470 Views
DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Foldable RC Quadcopter
WiFi FPV 4K UHD / 4dB Noise Reduction / 30min Flight Time

************************************************** **********

Buying Link + More Info :
Price : $1147.57
but if you use this coupon [ HKPlatinum ] you can buy it for just $939 ♥

************************************************** **********

Based on Mavic Pro, DJI Mavic Pro Platinum has been improved greatly. The newly designed 8331 quick-release folding propeller and the latest FOC sinusoidal driver ESC make the aircraft much more aerodynamic, power-efficient, and lower 60 percent noise during takeoff and landing. The flight time has been extended to 30 minutes, which means half an hour's fun of flying at a high speed, and shooting smooth 4K UHD videos within 7km control range.

Main Features:

● Includes all the intelligent functions of Mavic Pro
● 12.71MP camera, 4K UHD, 3-axis stabilization gimbal
● 7km control range, OcuSync image transmission
● More power-efficient, up to 30-minute flight time
● Much quieter, 4dB lower noise - 60 percent reduction

************************************************** **********

Buying Link + More Info :
Price : $1147.57
but if you use this coupon [ HKPlatinum ] you can buy it for just $939 ♥

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Posted by MrGearbest | Dec 22, 2017 @ 07:32 AM | 3,007 Views
MJX Bugs 2 B2W Brushless RC Quadcopter – RTF

5GHz WiFi FPV 1080P Full HD / GPS Positioning / 2.4GHz 4CH Two-way Transmitter

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
The Link :
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Price without coupon : $234.00
Coupon price : $134.99
Coupon : bugs928

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

MJX Bugs 2 B2W brushless RC quadcopter is an intelligent RC aerial robot equipped with GPS. It can be guided home in various conditions: One Key Return facilitates recalling the UAV whenever you want; with Smart Return to Home, you can make the drone go through obstacles; Fail-safe Return is activated in case of loss of signal; and Low Voltage Return will function when the power runs low.
The 5GHz WiFi camera allows you to record 1080P Full HD videos without interference, while the barometer ensures the stable Altitude Hold and smooth shots. More importantly, with the two-way LCD screen transmitter, you are able to fly the drone to 800 - 1000m away and monitor the flight status in real time.

Main Features:
● GPS-enabled One Key Return, Smart Return to Home, Fail-safe Return, Low Voltage Return, and Position Hold
● 5GHz WiFi camera for having 720P FPV and taking 1080P Full HD videos from the special aerial angle without interference
● 2.4GHz 4CH two-way transmitter with LCD screen for the...Continue Reading
Posted by MrGearbest | Dec 19, 2017 @ 08:00 AM | 2,822 Views
Walkera VITUS 320 Foldable RC Quadcopter - RTF

5.8G FPV 4K UHD Camera / Infrared Obstacle Avoidance / AR Games

Walkera VITUS 320 is not only an advanced foldable RC drone, but also a flying AR console, intended for more fun in the air.
Only 233 x 93 x 114mm ( folded ) and with a weight of 890g, it can be nearly put into any backpack just as like putting in a bottle of water. It is a perfect tool for aerial photography. Connect your smartphone to the transmitter, you can have the 1080P FPV which features 1.5km long distance and low latency. Armed with GPS, GLONASS, infrared sensor and optical flow camera, it can hover precisely and effectively avoid obstacles.
More importantly, you can take advantage of the Walkera Go App to start a serious racing or air battle for up to 25 minutes with the 5200mAh high-capacity LiPo.

Main Features:
● Extremely portable with foldable arms, propellers, landing gears and transmitter
● 1080P FPV within 1.5km long range, 4K UHD, 12MP camera, mini 3-axis stabilization gimbal
● Three-directional obstacle avoidance for objects more than 8m away at the front, right, and left
● Accurate positioning - GPS + GLONASS for outdoors, infrared + optical flow for indoors
● Gesture Mode, Visual Tracking, Point of Interest, Waypoints facilitate taking selfies and filming
● AR games combine with virtual elements in outdoor scenarios, creating more fun for you

Main rotor...Continue Reading
Posted by MrGearbest | Dec 14, 2017 @ 01:57 PM | 2,438 Views
QCY Q29 Bluetooth Double Headset Gearbest Coupon 54% Off

Apple’s AirPods have made untethered Bluetooth earbuds mainstream, but the design itself — that is, two untethered wireless ear pieces — has been around for years. Go back far enough, and you’ll find early models like the Sennheiser MX W1, a pair of big, clunky but functional earbuds that provided stereo audio without a wire tethering them together. As technology improves and prices substantially drop (the MX W1 retailed for $600 new), we’ve seen earbuds of this sort with increased frequency, and joining them are the QCY Q29 pair.

Much like AirPods and Samsung Gear IconX, the QCY Q29 earbuds are both wireless, but not shackled to each other via a physical wire — they’re two independent earpieces that can be used together (stereo) or separately (mono), depending on your needs. The earbuds retail for between $73 and $100, depending on where you get them, making the QCY decidedly attractive from a budget-centric point of view.

Now in Gearbest You can get it for just 60$ > 24$.

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Posted by MrGearbest | Dec 10, 2017 @ 08:30 AM | 2,581 Views
Hi Everyone,

I want to share with you one of the best Drones in gearbest, it's the "JJRC JJPRO X3 GPS Brushless RC Drone – RTF" + 32% off Coupon

Main Features:
● 1080P Full HD Camera has great performance in capturing the details
● Altitude Hold enables your drone to fly steadily and smoothly in the door environment
● Headless Mode makes it unimportant to adjust your drone's position before flying
● GPS / Auto Low-voltage / Auto Signal-loss Return to Home provides better protection for your drone
● Using the USB cable of Android to charge at any time and in any place, very convenient
● 7.4V 2000mAh high-capacity LiPo battery for long flight time when fully charged
● D1806 2300KV brushless motor, more powerful

Size: 28.5 x 30 x 7.6cm ( including propellers )
App name: JJPRO
App Download: QR code on user manual
Compatible system: Android, iOS
System requirement: Android 4.0.3 or later, iOS 8.0 or later

The Link :

The Price before coupon: $169.99
The Price With the coupon : $129.99
The Coupon : JJPROX3

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