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Posted by Domapek | Nov 15, 2017 @ 10:06 PM | 1,385 Views
Ok , I have the app on my phone ... finally!
I could not get apk on google app store as it was a different region.
Now I fired up my Wifi , connected my samsung phone and tried to download the app.

Google refused to allow me to try and download game apk again saying the app was installed Google ...

So i used apk download from the sites apkdom and

So with the app apk installed I simply fired up the phones Wifi , connected to the drones Wifi and then started the app .

Now I did try to fly the E58 via my android phone My recommendation is don't ...
Unfortunately you need the app to turn on the video recording , and for 720 its not bad .

That's my story. Hope you find it useful.