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Posted by mikey_n | Nov 13, 2017 @ 03:10 PM | 1,584 Views
Yeah. I did.
Last week, I bought my first drone......a Hubson H501s. Hubsan, what a name. Kinda sounds like Hobson, but spoken with a Chinese accent.
Anyhoo, I thought it was a good enough idea considering I was on a budget. It has GPS, Follow, RTH. Headless mode and Circle fly. Apparently. Mine also came with an idiot pilot.
That was me.
Armed with the drone, I decided to try a take off in my back yard, which backs onto several large fields. What could go wrong?
Well, I bought this thing 2nd hand and it had no instructions. This meant that the transmitter wasnt bound to to the drone. It was a no fly.
Googled how to bind it, done that and went back into the yard.
My first flight was a memorable occasion. It took off, went almost vertical, and after flying backwards over my head it smashed into the wall.
Tried it again. It found another wall to hit. Broke a blade.
I had 3 spares, so I fitted another. I then jumped on to google again, and found out I had to sync the sticks........doh.
After Id set the control sticks, I went out into the back yard again, satisfied that there was nothing else that could go wrong.
I was, of course, wrong.
With no GPS confirmed, it took off and went flying off over the field at full pelt, climbing higher and higher until it was but a speck against the backdrop of the sky. I panicked, started moving the sticks with no idea of where I was going before I kamikazeed it into a field somewhere.
Took me 3 hours to find it.
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