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The AKK X2 is a 40-channel FPV video transmitter that costs just $22 shipped. Unlike the earlier all-in-one A3 which I reviewed earlier, the X2 does not come with a pre-installed antenna or camera. With that said, the X2 is more of an FPV transmitter (Tx) that is more suited to those who want to use their own choice of antenna and camera.
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" the new A5 version gives pilot more freedom in balancing out their aircraft by separating VTX and cameras by a wire connection...."

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All the accessories are available from AKK website with the lowest price as they are self-produced by AKK. Affordable, Keep real, Keep innovation, this is the eternal pursuit of AKK!!we offer the best and most affordable hobby toys!!
please visit our website to get a new racing drone:
Strong power system and incredible fast and nimble response speed
Specialized plastic cover protect easy damaged parts like motor, camera and ESC, the comprehensive protection can guarantee you a secure flight
Mainstream FC is used, and users can reset parameters, firmwares like Betaflight and Cleanflight can be flashed to upgrade"

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AKK X5 is among the smallest vtx with smart audio function on the market now, and AKK Nano 2 has a smaller profile, exceptional good tidings for those mini quad players.


Support 0.01mW Parameter-adjusting Mode
25mW, 50mW, 100mW and 200mW power switchable
One button frequency and power setup
OSD configuration using FC Uart (F3/F4/F7 with OSD)
5V input with 5V output