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Posted by elgecko | Mar 03, 2011 @ 10:55 AM | 3,448 Views
Well itís that time again for a flight updateÖ.

Iíve got to say I really like that my wife is the choir director at our church. It gives me a decent size room to learn hovering at this cold time of year.

I thought I would make some forward flight laps in the room tonight, but then I looked at the room and decided it was a little to small for me to do that. I kept the tail towards me the whole time and just flew corner to corner around the room.

These videos are not that great and probably pretty boring, so this will be the last one at this location.

I hope to change out the receiver this weekend and bind it to the Spektrum DX7.

I may post when I can do some forward flight without training gear outside, when it finally get nice.

Esky Belt CPX - Progress Update (2 min 46 sec)