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Posted by FPV Garage | Nov 10, 2017 @ 06:14 PM | 1,419 Views
Holybro is a well-known Chinese brand that delivers high quality FPV equipment. This year they offer a very interesting high-end racing quadcopter with excellent performance out of the box: the Kopis 1. We really liked it! Let us see it in detail.

Kopis 1 - Flash Review (3 min 39 sec)

The Kopis 1 is a high-performance ready-to-fly FPV racing drone. Its stretched x low-deck design with centralized mass delivers an excellent handling and smooth cornering at high speed. Inside we find one of the best controller of the market with soft-mounted gyro and a high quality and full featured video transmitter. Holybro chooses high quality T-Motor motors, which give a very interesting balance of power and flight time. It also comes in a premium packaging. Every detail on the Kopis is great. They delivers all the performance, looks, and durability of a hand-built machine, ready to fly.

Technical Details
The frame is a stretched “X” with 5mm carbon fiber for enhanced durability. This layout keeps the rear props out of the prop wash from the front props, increasing stability and thrust. The weight is around 300 grams without battery, not one of the lightest but still very good, for instance it is around 80g lighter than the Diatone GT200. Not bad.
The motors are T-Motor AIR40 2205 2450kV, a brand that delivers high quality and performance leading motors. The weight is very good, around 26grams. Compared to a 2305 motor they are lighter and more efficient....Continue Reading
Posted by FPV Garage | Nov 06, 2017 @ 04:25 PM | 1,810 Views
Furibee is a Chinese brand available on Gearbest very active in the FPV market. One of the first and most interesting product was the Furibee Fuuton 200: a great $180 plug and fly drone. Then they delivered many models in the market (maybe too many?) and the Furibee Darkmax that we are reviewing is one of the most surprising and powerful that we ever tested! Let us see it in detail.

The Darkmax is a pre-built FPV Racer for intermediate/advanced pilot target. The Furibee idea is to deliver the lighter and most powerful quad possible in the under $200 price range . With a weight of ~260g (without battery and propellers) it is the lightest 5" quad in this price tag.

Technical Details
The electronics consists in the very interesting Artower F4 Plus with a 4-in-1 BLHeli_S 30A that supports up to 6s batteries (yes, 6s!) and an Omnibus F4 with an integrated power switchable video transmitter. These board delivers all we need to manage our quad and fpv video.
The fpv camera is a 1/2.7" CCD camera with a 130 degree FOV, the VTX offers an uFL connector and a RP-SMA adapter for the provided linear antenna.
The motors are DYS brand, model SR2205 2550KV. They push out a lot of thrust, as well as they are balanced and robust. We didn’t notice any kind of vibration from them.
The quadcopter comes out with two sets of polycarbonate Gemfan 5152 propellers. They are probably too much for this combination of...Continue Reading