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Posted by GregLanier | Oct 30, 2017 @ 08:34 AM | 2,076 Views
I have recently bought a used Tigerbat RC plan. It has an 81" wing span and a Tigre S3000 engine. It is an older plane for sure and needs to be rebuilt but I am unable to find a manual or plans. Just looking for some basics, CG, total weight, engine size, engine offset and other basic information. Plane has been sitting for a while. When I removed some of the covering there was a 3" dirt gobber about mid span in the fuselage. Engine looks to be in good shape and has good compression. I have attached some pictures so any help would be appreciated. Below is the information I Have to date:

Tigerbat -
Kit was sold by Grant Payne from NC. 1994 - 1997
81" WS
68" Length
Weight - 10 to 12 pounds - I think more to the 12lbs side but not sure.

Engine -
Tigre S3000 - Not sure if this is to big.
Has the OS 7D Carb on it.
Pretty sure I can get this engine running.