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Alzrc 505

Posted by antdawg | Mar 28, 2018 @ 05:55 PM | 1,430 Views
Just ordered the ALZRC 505 with Futaba new 6K Telemetry transmitter 8 Channel, and X-Nova motor! and of course the Futaba CGY 750 V2 gyro, I'm really excited to build my next addition to my ALZRC helicopter collection! Awesome, parts are coming in, ALZRC 505 arrives tomorrow, will update when unboxing the beast!.....The skies not the limit, their my play ground!. Just started Assembly on my new ALZRC 505, waiting for servos, Futaba 6K tx , CGY Vs gyro, and other electronic, will keep posted as parts come in the mail. Fly on Heli Family! Fuselage Canopy came 1/2" long, extended over decals on tail boom, looked terrible, I had to do custom alteration to fiberglass canopy, results are awesome, hope you enjoy the photos!. All right! finished with red pen stripe/ red vinyl!...Continue Reading
Posted by antdawg | Oct 21, 2017 @ 08:00 PM | 2,772 Views
I just got my X-Nova 890 kv motor. Should I upgrade my motor pulley, rotor pulley from 19t to 21t pulleys, or just run the 19t pulleys that came with kit. Can someone please help!.....Mahalo!, 21t motor pulley, awesome combo with X-Nova Motor, ALZRC Rock,s right up there with any Sab Goblin helicopters. ALZRC My Favorite Helicopter!........Keep up with the awesome product, Maybe next ALZRC 505? 700?... Aloha Heli Family!...... just added some more pictures, fly high, hover low, inverted, sideway, the skies your playground, not our limits!...Continue Reading