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Posted by steventu | Dec 19, 2017 @ 03:36 AM | 1,947 Views
Before Charge

Please read the charger and safety instruction before charging.
Always check the voltage of Batteries before each charge session in order to ensure they are at or above the minimum safe starting voltage. If starting voltage is below recommended levels then Batteries have been over discharged or have experienced a failure and should NOT be charged.
Always check the battery before charging for any type of damage. Check the battery packaging, wires and connectors for defects, which may cause a short circuit and eventual battery failure.
Make sure you are using charge leads which are compatible with the battery connectors.
User should check the polarity of the battery cable and charger lead carefully before the connection to avoid any short circuit.
Always verify the charger is in good condition. A poor quality charger can be dangerous.
It is solely your responsibility to assure that the charger you use works properly. Always monitor the charging process to assure batteries are being charged properly. Fail to do so may result in a fire.

Only use charger designed for lithium polymer battery.
User should Always charge Batteries in an open area away from flammable materials.
Never charge Batteries inside of the model.
User should Always set the charger to the proper cell count and/or voltage listed on Batteries’ labels.
User should Always set the charger to the amp charge rate as listed on Batteries’ labels.
The charger should never be set...Continue Reading