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Posted by thai_8X | Jan 03, 2018 @ 09:59 PM | 6,679 Views
Hi everybody,

I would like to share with you guys how did I setup the windshield wipers on my FPV rc truck.

Those wipers I bought. Plus some modifications to them.

From beginning, I planned to copy Traxxalu idea of having the wiper mount directly onto a servo. But then i ran into 2 issues. First, I didn’t have enough room for a servo in between the dashboard and the windshield. Second, my windshield is a little wide (about 7 inches wide), one wiper wouldn’t be able to cover the whole width.
Then i google around and found this kit. I got them from aliexpress. Here is the link.

It took about 2 weeks to be delivered to US.

I double side tape the units directly onto the back of the windshield.
I drilled 2 holes thru the windshield to feed the wiper rods thru. The holes (.106 or 2.7mm diameter) were just tinny bit larger than the wiper rods to not leave too much space that water could run inside the truck.
I used the mid size wipers set (they came with 3 difference sizes of length).
I used the inner tube of a flap rod (rc plane material) as the blades holders. I just split up the tube on one side. And slide the wiper blade thru the slot. No glue at all. I think the antenna tube should able to do same trick.
I used bicycles tube for wipers blades. 2.75 length .25 width on my set up.
I hot glued the blade holders onto the wipers.
The key here was the wipers blades have to match up with the windshield shape as much as...Continue Reading