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Posted by Jnobile89 | Oct 08, 2017 @ 11:06 PM | 1,458 Views
Looking to trade my dx6r for a losi 8ight tekno wing mount. Yes its a bizzare trade but my older vehicle was stolen and im looking to get back into racing again i ended up with a dx6r later in the process of building my new 8ight and im missing that part. Been 2 years and nothing has come up i have the dx6r for trade im known well on facebook and have done many many many trades and sales i do have photos of the old car with that part on it. Looking only for tkr4435 im willing to pay or trade anything for it..whats another set back on a remote. I dont really need it just wanna finish my new 8ight i dont wanna see it sit for ever. Please anyone have that part and i mean anyone. Only updated and tested out pandora love this remote but i love my 8ight better dont want another car..hard to explain. Thank you.