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Posted by Wanye | Oct 07, 2017 @ 05:11 PM | 1,389 Views
I just ordered the Eachine e010 (green) on Amazon and just got it in the mail. Here's what Eachine has packed into this beginner's micro rtr quad.


Included in the box was the controller, quad, USB charger, 4 spare props, battery and manual.

The quad itself is about 3 1/4 in wide (almost square) by 1in 1/4 tall.

I like this quad because of it's cheap price (21$) and it's quality- decent for the price

The motors are decent and it's pretty zippy (in advanced mode, the beginner's mode is slow which is good)

The canopy can be removed to clean off the board from dust

It's pretty tough (crashed it a couple times) and the worst that will happen is the battery connector will come loose and you'll have to push it in again for the quad to work.


If you fly the quad high, let off the throttle then floor it as it falls- it can have a hard time recovering and can hit the ground at a slow speed but it will bounce up again (this usually only happens in normal/beginner's mode)

Battery life is a little short but for the price I can't complain

Battery 3.7v 150mah 30c lipo

The battery life is usually around 4.5 min if you are in beginner's mode but if you want to go fast and maybe fly it in a little (I mean a little) wind you should put it in advanced mode- battery life will be more like 3.5-4 mins.

The battery charges in 30-45 min if you stop using the quad when the lights (blue and red start flashing). If you fly it still after...Continue Reading