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Posted by c_barnes | Sep 29, 2017 @ 05:21 PM | 1,530 Views
ok here goes, I had bought an eachine wizard x220 and I ended up leaving it on top of my car driving off and losing it. so I liked it so much I thought what the heck Ill get another expect I purchased the wizard x220s. didn't pay attention and am new to the hobby anyway so I did not notice it did not come with the controller or receiver. I thought since I still had the controller that I would use it so I bought a fs-ia6b receiver. so the problems began. I had to soder the receivers signal positive and ground to the board because the plugs were not compataible. receiver works it has power and I was able to bind my flysky fsi6 but I get no response from betaflight configurator the remote shows battery from the quad but I guess I'm not sure how to get it all working can someone help I think I sodered in to uart 6 because that's where the original wires were coming from