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Posted by HeadsupJA | Jan 15, 2018 @ 04:59 PM | 2,503 Views
As promised, we have begun creating how-to videos to showcase some of our products and help our customers get the most out of the hobby. Check out our video on how to charge a lipo battery using the SkyRC iMax B6AC V2 Dual Power Balance Charger. Subscribe to our channel to never miss a video!
Posted by HeadsupJA | Jan 13, 2018 @ 03:04 PM | 2,120 Views
Hello, I'm Jodi with Heads Up RC. Many of you are already familiar with our company. We appreciate the many kind compliments and referrals you've given us on these forums. Customers have asked us to give a little background about who we are, and I figured our first blog entry would be the best place to do that.

Jeff Anderson started this business in his home in Wisconsin in 2006. While he was wintering in Texas, he found RC airplanes as a hobby. He quickly realized that he had to get all of his parts from China, and if he had questions, he could not easily get them answered. Other pilots must have the same frustrations, he thought. Jeff decided to purchase 10 motors and sell them on eBay. Soon, he started offering other products, and the business took off. The next year, he hired employees. In 2009, he moved the company from Wisconsin to north central Florida, where he was living permanently.

The business has evolved over the years. Now, there are two full-time employees--you are probably familiar with tech guru Jesse--and Jeff is semi-retired. I am Jeff's oldest daughter and hope to take over the business when he fully retires. I'm working diligently to expand our selection and continue to provide the excellent service and shipping that we are known for. Please don't hesitate to ask questions.

On our site, we have our own blog where we will post general information about the hobby, provide details about our products, among other helpful information. We are also starting a YouTube channel under Heads Up Hobby. I will post links to both here, as they are put up on our site. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on sales and other announcements.