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Posted by Betelnut | Sep 28, 2017 @ 03:55 PM | 1,562 Views
H-10 is formed to shape of stern by soaking it in water for about an hour and then bending it around a glass jar as shown. I have attached it with rubber bands being careful not to split the balsa wood. Due to the age of the wood, it may require soaking it in water with a little vinegar added to help break down the wood structure a bit. ( Pictures 10 and 11 ).
Posted by Betelnut | Sep 20, 2017 @ 11:29 AM | 1,979 Views
Picture 6 shows the correct bulkhead attachments H-4,H-5,H-6,H-7 on sides 1 & 2. Piece 'TL' is next glued to the stern of the balsa hull, flush with the flat bottom and in 1/16" from each side. Next the 'B-1' pieces are glued flat, on each side of the hull. about 1/16" in from the sides and butted with the side of piece 'TL'. This 1/16" is to allow for the adding of the sides to the hull. Next, glue the two sides, 'H-9', to the hull and to the 'B-1' pieces ... with the bulkheads facing out and with the bulkhead slits facing upward. See pictures 7 & 8. Now we can install pieces H-1, H-2, and H-3 to form the bow. Then add B-2 to hull and into notch of H-1. Note: H-3 bottom notches fit over B-1 pieces. See picture 9.
Posted by Betelnut | Sep 19, 2017 @ 10:57 AM | 1,534 Views
We will begin by taking the solid balsa hull (A) and sanding it with 80 gr sandpaper to clean it up;(1 & 2) then 100 gr sandpaper to smooth it down. Next we will coat it with Lacquer thinner and Dope. This will fill in the balsa and give it some bulk. We will set that aside to dry. Then, when dry, we fill in some of the nicks and dings that have occurred along the way (3 & 4). After filling in with contour putty and sanding with 100 gr paper, we again coat with Lacquer thinner/ Dope and set aside.
Now we will begin the sides of the boat. On the first side we will attach 4 bulkheads (5) with Gorilla Wood Glue. We then repeat for the opposite side, side two. The area for attachment is indicated on the wood on the first side .............. unfortunately, they put the markings on the same side for both pieces. You will have to trace the markings on the opposite side of the second piece. This is so that the bulkhead pieces are on the outside of the boat, when each side is placed on the hull.
Posted by Betelnut | Sep 18, 2017 @ 07:10 PM | 1,869 Views
I have started on building the Sterling Chris Craft 47' Buccaneer Flying Bridge Cruiser Model Boat . I will try to update, with photos, of this build. I am new to blogging, and to building such a Boat. I obtained the Boat from a gentleman on E-Bay and it is complete, with a full set of instructions (however fragile). The Boat is constructed of balsa and mahogany with cast metal trim items. It is 19" in length, with a 5" beam.