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Posted by rosik89 | Jan 16, 2018 @ 01:42 PM | 1,775 Views
We thought we make a combo housing for the diversity, in this case the 1,2/1,3GHz and the 5,8 receivers are permanently connected. But thats not a problem because while using the 5,8GHz modules the 1,3GHz modules are automatically turned off.
Here's a render of the 2 housings.

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Posted by rosik89 | Jan 08, 2018 @ 01:02 PM | 1,315 Views
Hi everybody,

so a friend of mine and me are working in our free time on a project, we call it Dexx Diversity, basically in the beginning was it a triple 5,8 GHz Receiver which you mount on a stand like a Ground Station. With the time we developed the Hardware we thought that i would be cool if the Long Range guys could have some of out project so we developed a proper a 1,2 GHz full diversity adapter which can work with the Fox or Comtech receivers.
Between the hardware samples we added the Bootloader and the possibility to update the software via the USB, the possibility to turn on/off the receivers in example for battery saving, the second, parallel video output and some other features that I cant more remember

So here the specification:

- ARM microcontroller
- 2-4S supply,
- 3 x5,8GHz receiving modules,
- every RX module independently switched on/off,
- 2 parallel audio/video outputs,
- 48 Channels including Low Band on 5,8 GHz
- 8 Channels on 1,2 GHz
- Bandscan for 5,8 and 1,2 GHz,
- battery monitor with Low Voltage alarm function,
- 1,2 GHz Long Range adapter,
- firmware update via built in USB Port,
- 3D printed casing,
- dimensions 5,8 GHz 83x70x23mm
- Laptimer in beta mode

We are working the whole time on the software and housing to make it better and prettier. For now we have a separate housing for the 5,8GHz and 1,2GHz Module but we are working on a combo housing that can hold all the 5,8GHz and 1,2GHz electronics.

-v 0.1.0 to 0.3....Continue Reading