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Posted by Zentuckyfriedckn | Oct 15, 2017 @ 02:20 PM | 1,026 Views
Here is my old Iron (After grinding rust and trying to make it finer) I figured from soldering some motor wires on my old quad how bad could it go? As you can see from the first board (second pic), not well. So I got another board and the quad flew great with my popsicle frame. Then a wire came loose and after soldering this happened (third pic). While Iím waiting on the new one, I am going to practice with the dead ones.
Posted by Zentuckyfriedckn | Oct 15, 2017 @ 02:11 PM | 989 Views
After having my old Syma x5c Clone burn up, I wanted to try diy. I had originally wanted to build a FT Gremlin and give my quad to one of my siblings but with the quad gone and a few 1s lipos, I decided (mostly because of my empty wallet) to build a brushed 1s quadcopter. I immediately went to Banggood and bought a Flysky I6 with micro reciever combo, Eachine F3 Evo brushed board, Race star red motors, and some Race star tri props. My first mistake was the props. They have a 1.5 mm shaft hole vs my 1mm props. They arrived and I figured they would be fine. Nope. Completely loose. So I jumped to the interwebs and found some tricks for tightening loose props. I got out a needle and some super glue. After gluing the props, they fit very well with good balance. I will continue in another post.