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Posted by Blaze.45 | May 11, 2006 @ 12:06 PM | 10,680 Views
Okay, for the people that needed help with hooking up Electric Power Batts to a Hyperion LBA6 leads... here are some Tutorial pics.

Please ALWAYS pay attention to the polarity in which you hook up your batteries to the balancer. Of course the balancer has safety features that protect you against reverse polarity... but there is no better safety practice than to train yourself.

This is for 2s only...

The reason being is because from 3s to 2s there are some minor differences in construction that could get people confused.

I will finalize the pics and procedures for 3s tonight when I take a closer look at my setup. I'm at work right now.


PS: As with all "How-To's"... I need a disclaimer here. If you don't know jack about lipos and safety... then you shouldn't be doing this or using them in the first place.

I or dealers or ANYONE but yourself assume no responsibility for your actions in participating in this "How-To" mod. Please be responsible and safe.