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Posted by StevenLawyer | Apr 01, 2018 @ 11:45 AM | 112,176 Views
At the End of this Walkthrough, Your Mavic Pro Will Be:
  • Rooted
  • Running FW 1.4.300 with FW 1.3.700 modifiable controllers
  • Will be free of No Fly Zone restrictions (Fly Responsibly!)
  • Will have no altitude restrictions (Again, Fly Responsibly!)
  • Will be configurable for Sport+, wind warning removal, etc.
  • Will have forced FCC with option of boosting from standard 0.5W to 1.5W (Incredible Range!)
  • Will be able to run newest DJI Go features (Quick Shot, Panoramic, etc)

CREDITS: With the exception, perhaps, of figuring out how to run the newest DJI Go app on Android while maintaining boost, I cannot claim credit for anything in this walkthrough. I merely hope, here, to draw together the great work of others in one place with simple instructions for anyone else who would like to configure their Mavic Pro as I have done mine. Deep gratitude to the Original Gangsters (, CunningLogic (Dumlracer), jezzab (Dumldore), bin4ry (Deejayeye modder), Digdat0 (online videos), and Quad808 (online tutorials).

THIS TUTORIAL IS FOR THE MAVIC!!! While some of the content here will work with other DJI Drones, the most important stuff, like getting root, eliminating No Fly Zone data from the drone, and getting FCC Boost, are specific to the Mavic.

Force FCC and FCC Boost:

What is "Force FCC" and "FCC Boost"? The Mavic and its controller ordinarily communicate on the very congested frequency used by wifi and Bluetooth, 2.4 Gigahertz (2.4Ghz). The maximum
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