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Posted by PROACE | Feb 19, 2013 @ 10:53 PM | 2,772 Views
Built and flying or flyable

Manufacturer Power
Herr Engineering
-P51 TT07
-Cloud Ranger PAW 06

GP Synchro EP ducted fan
HK Bixler EP out runner

In the building lineup

GP Spirit 2M sailplane N/A
GP Butterfly OS .10LA
GP PT-20 OS .30FS

Tower Trainer 60 OS .65LA (This plane died in a severe crash) (don't know what happened. I had no control, the plane went inverted and flew 1/2 throttle to the ground.)
Four Star OS .52FS

Engines on hand

Cox TD .010
Cox .020
Cox TD .020
Cox TD .049
Cox TD .051
Cox Killer Bee .049
PAW .06 diesel
OS .10LA
AP .15 x2
OS .30 Wankel
OS .30 four stroke
OS .52 four stroke
OS .65LA
RCG 20 gas