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The development of FPV gear for recent years has been hard to keep innovation. Many China based FPV and/or RC manufacturers are pushing into the western markets at the moment. FPV kits are flooding in the market with about the same quality but vast price difference.

AKK is a new brand born for newbie thanks for its decent price, best for new pilots (since they are gonna crash frequently), a switchable FPV Transmitter Work with Betaflight OSD FC will cost only $18,
and AIO cameras in this video below just need $17
AKK All In One Cameras Overview (5 min 40 sec)

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25mW/200mW/500mW/800mW power switchable
7-24V input and can be provides 5V output for your camera.
Can be filter the power and make sure you get clean video.
Super mini size and light weight,One button frequency and power setup.
Support parameter adjusted and work with Betaflight,fligth controller,OSD


Input voltage: 7V-24V

Power supply: 5V Camera @ under 0.3A max.

Output power: 25mW: 100mA

200mW: 180mA

500mW: 250mA

800mW: 300mA @12V

Range: Up to 4 km with omnidirectional RHCP antennas

Port connector: JST, 6pin

Antenna connector: SMA female

Package includes:

1x 5.8G X2P transmitter

1x Cable

1x Product manual
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Clik read more: flitetest review

Video Format: NTSC/PAL

Output Impedance: 50 Ohm

Transmitting distance: > 3000m (open area)

Antenna connector: RP-SMA connector

Operating Voltage: 7-20 V

Output Voltage(VOUT): 5 V

Supply current: 280 mA

Operating Temperature: -10 +85 ℃

Video Band Width: 0-8.0 MHz

Audio carrier Frequency: 6.5 MHz

Video Input Level: 0.8,1.0,1.2 Vp-p

Video Input Impedance: 75 Ohm

Audio Input Level: 0.5 ,2.0 Vp-p

Audio Input Impedance: 10K Ohm
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CLICK READ MORE: thedronefiles......
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I'm sure it won't take too much time for FPV become a popularization movement, look at those items, maybe you wanna have a try and do some review:


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If you are new to FPV, keep it simple, the more complex the system is, the more likely it is fail. In the simplest sense, FPV RC requires several basic components:
RC FPV Aircraft:
Keywords: comfortable, easy to control, slow, stable, reliable
Plane, helicopter, or multirotor are the most common choices, quads like DJI, without question, will be a lot of people's consideration. But if you are a beginner, there is absolutely nothing easy about getting into FPV, crashes are common! So try some simple gadgets.
FPV Camera:
Keywords: CCD or CMOS, NTSC or PAL, size, image definition (TVL), field of view (FOV)
CCD type cameras have better low light & high light level performance, and is almost always the better choice for FPV. The groundbreaking AKK CA20 can bring you a whole new experience.
NTSC is the primary analog video system in North America and PAL is primarily used in Europe, and most FPV components will support both types today. The lower the focal length number, the wider the FOV (sees more of the environment but fish eye starts appearing). 500 to 700 TVL is fine for most people, and high TVL of resolution will cost more.
FPV Video Transmitter:
Keywords: frequency, the output power level, channels, connection type
4 basic frequencies: 900MHz, 1.2&1.3GHz, 2.3 & 2.4GHz, 5.8GHzLow frequency means signal can penetrate large buildings and obstacles, but a larger antenna will be needed, and image is not so good, noise and interference are common. 5.8GHz...Continue Reading
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I did some successful test flights with the X1 transmitter and want to give you some feedback. The X1 was installed to my DJI Phantom 2 which is equipped with GoPro 3 Silver, a H3-2D gimbal and an iOSD mini module for inserting flight data into the video stream. I used a SPW antenna which is positioned below the craft. and not shielded by other equipment. Up to now my Phantom 2 was equipped with an iftrontech Nano Stinger 25mW F-band transmitter which is a very reliable, good (and quite expensive) transmitter, so it's a good sparrings partner. The X1 is running directly on the 3s standard Phantom battery, about 12V. As receiver I have used my FatShark HD2 goggles with a receiver module for F-band and race-band installed, equipped with an 8dB circular patch antenna.
The results:
The X1 was set to F-band, channel 1 and 25mW for direct comparison with the Nanao Stinger. The video image was very good without any disturbance, even better than with the Nano Stinger which usually needs a ground connection between antenna base and GoPro ground to avoid horizontal stripes within the image. For range testing I used my standard parcours with some trees as obstacles and free line of sight legs with up to 1300m length. Both transmitters behaved mostly equal here as far as I can judge by comparing noise within the image and dropouts behind trees. As I tested at a quite rural location I was also able for tesing the higher output power settings, normally forbidden at Germany. But as I...Continue Reading
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AKK KC01 Special Price $19.59

AKK KC02 Special Price $27.99
...Continue Reading
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Finely processed with sophisticated technology, the AKK A2 is intended for you. Mini size and light weight, this AIO FPV Camera is convenient to install and play. It can offer top quality image since the Clover antenna can process signal better, and low light performance is another surprising characteristic. Because of all these factors, AKK A2 may be the best one can posses.

Surprisingly good image quality and low light performance
Acceptable lag for proximity flying
Likely to be at least 200 mw output
Very easy to set up
No micaophone on board (most people won't care)
3.7--5v input only


All in one vtx + camera + antenna, plug and play, ready to fly.

Super light weight:4.7g, Small size: 18.7*13mm(L*W)

Clover antenna for better signal transmission, easy to install. Installs in seconds

Requires 1S LiPo battery, Push button operation, single press to change channel,long press to change FR band.

Signal Range Suitable for Ultra Micro RC Aircraft, 40 channel with raceband, good quality image with zero latency, Button control instead of switches to change channels


Output power: 200mW

Input power: 3.2–5V

Current consumption:3.2V-5V,500mA(type)

Camera resolution: 600TVL

Video system:NTSC

Mini illumination: 1 lux

Field of view: 120°viewing angle

Antenna dimensions: 22mm X 29mm diameter

Antenna: right hand circular polarized

Frequency: 5.8GHz 5 bands 40 channels, with Raceband: 5658-5917MHz

Size: 18.7*13mm(L*W)

Package includes:

1x A2 AIO FPV Camera

1x Cable

1x Manual
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AKK is an entrepreneurial team,this is their first brand, passionate about making balanced components for drones. This means lower prices and more modest sales.