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Posted by Poppa Zeb | Oct 26, 2017 @ 06:56 AM | 1,215 Views
Howdee again, to anyone that happens to drift by here. I finally finished tuning the Tarot 1k hex built from a 960 top an bottom plate,
it still has the cheapo LD.Power 4114 320 kv motors. i call em cheapo cuz they only cost me $15 a pop.
gonna post up a photo of the stator and Hub as I had to break one down to get an errant piece of debris out of it.
amazng what kind of damage a grain of sand can do!! ruined one of the magnets.(bummer).
no biggie, i bought 16 of those motors after the initial 4. They seem to be of very high quality and very well made. The best info i could find was that they were originally offered with a Gaui 840 limited edition folding Hex offered up by infinity hobby. Obviously out of date and from the looks of em they were pricey for their time.
Next up, the spare parts fy680 stretch project is off the ground as well. i purhased a used top and bottom plate off ebay ($20) and commenced to pipe it up to a grand total of 800mm. FlyCat 5010 360kv motors($14E) Castle escs 15x55 folding nylon props, naza M V2, walkera G 3d gimbal for the H3 GP Cam Mark II Iosd X8r receiver and Boscam, ts832 VTX.
Im Freaking out on this one. Flight time with a 4s 5200mah floureon battery, no gimbal 22Minutes!!
same battery with the gimbal vtx Mark II etc, 13 min. I aint mad.
800mm Hex get 13 min out of a 4s 5200 battery all in at 3250 grams Im gonna enjoy cruising this one one i get the dial in done. Tonite im going to start fabrication the gimbal plate for the dslr on the big hex. YAY!
Im Gonna change my name to Hex Junkie!!!
Gotta xfer the new photos later today,
God Bless all.

C U L8 Ter Bye!!
Posted by Poppa Zeb | Oct 15, 2017 @ 12:01 AM | 1,845 Views
OKi Dokes, Here we go, Joined Rc Groups awhile back with the hopes of meeting some peeps and learning as much as possible from day to day. initially that kinda didnt work out as I didnt seem to understand how maintain a conversation or properly introduce myself.
Attempts at both in the general forums fell flatly unanswered soo, now at the prodding of my friend XB I am going to give this blog thing a shot. I fully ACCEPT THAT i might be BASICALLY KEEPING A WRITTEN RECORD OF CONVERSATIONS TO SELF UNLESS i HAPPEN TO BE LUCKY ENOUGH TO HAVE SOMEONE DROP IN FOR DRINK OR HEAVEN FORBID A fLY bY!!

Introduction once again.
People call me Poppa Zeb as i tend to do the things a Poppa would do when i see folks in need around the rural area I live in.
spent the last 20 years as a assistant dean of technology and curriculum at BCTI and Washington state in Tacoma until moving to Ga in 2003.
63 yr old Viet Nam Vet, Been a techy and a nerd most of my life, hunting fishing all the usual country boy stuff etc etc etc. Having my health drop off a cliff in the dark last year left me staring out the window bored to death until..........
One of my close friends gave me a toy for Christmas. They dont have much fixed income , no car, kind as they come and all heart, she got a ride into the city and purchased a little blue drone from a checkout display rack. she paid more than it cost to buy just to get the ride into the city to buy that thing for me for Christmas. I have to say, It was...Continue Reading