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Posted by Freddy Bear | May 19, 2007 @ 01:12 PM | 4,443 Views
I have managed to fly at the local High School Oval, with every one having a look, and at the Taylor Field, the now closed model flying field. The clubhouse is all there and I am going to see if any one is interested in keeping the field operational. I for one will continue to fly there until told otherwise by the owner. Looks like the rain is here and this means I will have to mow the grass as it becomes more abundant, this is some time off yet plus the cattle keep it cropped as well. Flying Sunday if the weather is OK, if not then will be building.

Good News...Club is back on track with about 10 members
Posted by Freddy Bear | May 14, 2007 @ 01:22 AM | 5,682 Views
Had a great day at the Taylor Field, had the place to myself as unofficial One CLUB Member. In its hay day there were 42 Members but economic bull has managed to strip the fun and the finances out of the club and all the members have fractionated. Leaving a small but fantastic clubhouse and a field that lends it self to the steaming divvies of Beef. The air across the field is unspoiled making for excellent takeoffs and landings after clearing the Beefy Doos from the runway. A small price to pay for the free use of the field and a free clubhouse, windsock, table and chairs, frequency board, wheel barrow and rake----- for the solid Beefy Doos. I have posted a notice on the door in a weatherproof panel for people of interest to ring me. We may be able to have a friends CLUB and keep it going FREE.