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Posted by bnrusso | Jan 23, 2012 @ 12:06 AM | 2,907 Views
I finally went to leaders hobby and purchased the 9x.
I purchased mine from leader because I wanted to try different modules and I did not want to cut the antenna wire which was required of the HobbyKing Turnigymodel.
I have been using the standard firmware.
So far the only problem has been the top line of the display is OFF (deffective). It does not light. With the standard firmware this has not been a problem.
__________________________________________________ ______________
My first mod was to add the backlight.
I ordered the green from HobbyKing.
I chose green because it seemed to have the best contrast for me.
I followed the instructions on Youtube from foamfighters and HobbyKing.
HobbyKing - Quick Guide: Install Back Light on Turnigy 9X (3 min 28 sec)
I had 2 problems with this video.
1. the foam pad at time 1:15 was really hard to remove. I used my heat gun to warm it up and it came off much better.
2. my backlight wires locations made it difficult to miss the switch as shown at time 1:50. I had to bend mine and I have heard that some have ripped off the led and had to glue it back.
I also decided to remove all the connectors to work on the board away from the tx base.
I'm satisfied with the results, the backlight looks great.
__________________________________________________ ______________

My next mod will be to add the ability to change the program. I ordered the programmer and some pogo pins from ebay.I wanted to leave the pogo pin link but my supplier is no longer showing any items. I do hope I get my parts. The programmer I ordered is this one:
I have also reviewed this video on Youtube on how to wire a programming connector. I need to verify this is the same for my radio.
T9X - TH9x - Er9x - Cable Installation (15 min 33 sec)