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Posted by bnrusso | Oct 01, 2010 @ 11:38 AM | 3,272 Views
Once apon a time. This past week.
I decided to fly my 4 year old, 16 oz. UltraFly Furious 3d foamy bipe at my son's house. MISTAKE!
Went up over a very old, big, high tree, the wind caught it and I lost sight of it knowing only the direction it was headed, I followed. Suburb residential neighborhood. Older homes. Toward a main street, considerable traffic.
Cut the throttle, kept looking in it's last known direction. More trees but shorter. Started walking that way, didn't see it then I thought I saw something, maybe it, go down behind a house 3 houses down from my son's. Now I, my son and one of his friends started a grid search. Looking in yards, sheds, roofs, trees and in a heavily forested lot. Playing with the throttle from time to time, hoping to hear something. After about 30min. I thought I heard the growl of my motor changing with the throttle on my TX. Didn't sound good but the battery was still attached. Yes, I found it, well sort of. I was in an alley, next to the local pub. The motor noise was coming from a flat roof of a 3 story commercial/residential building that faced the main street with the traffic. I called my son over and we all listened. He was about to get a ladder. I played the throttle and the plane prop became visible at the edge of the roof.
It crash landed, on the roof, upright, facing the edge and I flew it off, dropping to the empty lot next to the corner pub. Prop damaged, shaft a bit bent, lost brace from top left aileron to the lower wing and a few glue cracks, but I had it back.
And we lived happily ever after.

Isn't that amazing?? I'm REALLY glad I go to church EVERY week.