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Posted by bnrusso | Aug 27, 2010 @ 09:15 PM | 3,911 Views
I just received 2 HobbyKing Spektrum compatible Rxs.

What I first noticed.
  • They had no covering, just a pc-board.
  • The antennas are just wires, not coax.
  • Some of the solderjoints on one, near the servo connector needed additional solder.
  • The antennas needed a bit of glue support so they wouldn't break from use.
  • There were no instructions.
I decided to wrap the body with heat shrink tubing which will protect the circuit and give me a surface to mount
my velcro adhesive. They are designed so the RX status LED is at the top so you can see it if the heat shrink goes up to, but not over the antennas.
There are some pictures in the FILES section at the bottom of the ad which showed me the proper connections.

The bind process or bind procedure:
1. Plug in the bind plug to the BAT connector.
2. Plug in the batery to any other position.
negative closest to the PCboard level.Black wire(Futaba), brown wire (JR)*
the RX status LED will begin to flash quickly.
3. Lower the throttle on the TX to set the throttle cut failsafe.**
4. Hold the bind button on the TX and turn on the TX power.
5. Let go of the bind button as soon as the RX status LED goes OFF.
Wait for the RX status LED to come back on flashing,
then wait untill it goes out and comes back ON SOLID.
6. Remove the battery plug from the RX.
7. Remove the bind plug from the RX.
8. Power off the TX.
bind is complete.

  • When I power up the RX with the TX OFF the status LED will blink and go out. A few seconds after I power up the
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Posted by bnrusso | Aug 24, 2010 @ 09:29 AM | 4,189 Views
I took a pass at the last notification to buy the Turnigy 9X when they were in stock.
Several guys have reported that their sticks are requiring service/cleaning.
If this radio does not use quality pots then I'm concerned that a purchase would be a waste of money.
Am I overreacting??
Posted by bnrusso | Aug 01, 2010 @ 01:40 AM | 3,623 Views
I'm going to gather data from OWNERS of the various 9X transmitters and modules.
I'd like to build some sort of matrix that I hope will tell me the best brand, version, time, parts to purchase as I am not yet a 9X owner.
I will try to gather this data from several of the threads and I also hope that owners will leave their information here for me to add/edit thereby try to keep this thread on topic and as clean as possible.
Also if I make a mistake or improper observation please bring it to my attention.

I think that the first task I have is separate the TX /case/base from the TX module.
I base this on the fact that the basically $9 RX will be a sufficiently satisfactory item to purchase.
I will start by gathering the brands of receivers that will work together with the common TX module.

IF this ~$9 RX proves to be unsatisfactory then a replacement would be in order as it looks like other TX/RX module combos can be used as replacements.
THEN the data gathering will then move to the TX case/base and it's new and ever-changing firmware.

Another reason I want to start here is that there are modules that can be adapted to be used with other TX case/bases.
Compatible RX choices.
Since the current RX version is V2 I will use this as my base.
(If there is a v3 upgrade this data may be in jeapordy.)

__________________________________________________ ________________________________________
RCHOBBIES $15 8ch rx (3rd generation)

__________________________________________________ ________________________________________
HOBBY KING $10 6ch rx v2

__________________________________________________ ________________________________________
RCHOBBIES $9 6ch rx (3rd generation)

__________________________________________________ ________________________________________

__________________________________________________ ________________________________________