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Posted by schrecke | May 17, 2007 @ 11:25 PM | 2,497 Views
here my experience with this nice plane
The Fling was my first DLG and i'm new to this kind of flying. Building or better assembling was easy. as mentioned in some other reviews I also used thin metal wire rods instead the included strings. I used 4 sub micro servos, the new futaba EX6 spectrum 6 channel receiver and the recommended 350mAh receiver battery. the plastic film was a little wringly but with a heat gun that was easy to fix.
My first launch was surprisingly easy - remember i have never done this before. the flight times were only of the order of 20-30sec but that is ok because i was learning. a few days later after about 40 or so launches the fling showed it's real talent. i launched one fling and suddenly had 3 pieces in the air. the 2 wing pieces slowly fell down undamaged. the remaining fuselage behaved more like a rocket, went up steep and came down steep. it stuck then about 4 inches in the ground also the elevator came off but was still hanging on the metal wire rod. I pulled it out and could not see any major damage - great. inspecting the wings i concluded that not my glue came apart but the adjacent wood simply split apart. i cleaned everything up and rejoined the wings with epoxy. i did not replace the wing connector wood. however, i added some duct tape over the area where the wings are joined together. not sure how much that helps but it makes me feel better.
worried of braking it again i now used it for slope soaring - also my first attempts. I...Continue Reading