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Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Sep 19, 2018 @ 09:49 PM | 882 Views
I had an interesting conversation recently with one of the senior people at HobbyCool who seems to have some insight into the Chinese drone racing we don't hear a lot about. RCInpower seem to be well regarded in the circles there but all I've seen of them so far is on a few random bind and fly models. One of their models has just reviewed really well on miniquad testbench and now I see Hobbycool have chosen them over Brother Hobby for their new bind and fly models.

At any rate they are selling the 2305 on their own in 2500kV and 1800kV and a are running a promo where you can get a free Comet race frame if you buy 4 motors for $74. I've put this on my page here if you want more details

I've ordered the Comet bind and fly kit which includes the new 2305 motors to give it a go following my review on the Hawk 5 and HGLRC Batman220 which I think will be it's key competition. $180 seems like pretty good value considering the airbot electronics that is rated for 6s.

Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Sep 06, 2018 @ 05:29 PM | 17,703 Views
I've just finished a comprehensive review on the X-Lite. I think you can probably find some useful information there whether you aready own one or not.


I've focussed on:
  • Why it is so good for a thumber
  • Why i don't mind the unique battery size any more
  • Portability
  • Acclimitsation
  • The new expansion port
  • Inveitable comparisons with the Flysky Nirvana
  • All the accessories currently available including the new $35 multiprotocol module

Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Sep 03, 2018 @ 06:25 PM | 682 Views
In short this charger builds on the already excellent ISDT D2 dual channel Lipo charger and improves it with the ability to accept DC power from a large Lipo or Car battery when travelling or away from an AC power source. This solves my one complaint with the ISDT D2 meaning is is a charger that does it all rather than needing a spearate unit for each occasion. Full review is below

HobbyCool D6 Pro Dup Charger Review at QuadifyRC.com

Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Aug 22, 2018 @ 04:20 PM | 832 Views
Had these specials come through over email so links are critical, they don't seem to be on their page without these links. First time for a couple of weeks there have been some really good prices on some genuinely good products, all of which I've reviewed and can vouch for:

Click above or see all of these link directly from my discounts page:


Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Aug 17, 2018 @ 06:21 AM | 1,101 Views
A quick note that it is possible to use 14500 batteries which can give you more options when there is limited availability of 18500s

Better yet for my fellow Kiwis and Australians I've found an option at Bunnings for less than US$7 to get you started. I've done something of a writeup here plus a budget option for charging with your standard lipo charger.


Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Aug 14, 2018 @ 05:30 PM | 923 Views
After completing an initial review of the EMax hawk 5 (here) I can happily say this is my favourite 5" ready to fly quad due to the well-tested and balanced components. That being said I still like to play and have found a number of mods that have improve the feel (in my opinion) and another must-do mod that addresses the poor vtx antenna mounting solution. The full blog where I discuss this and other possible improvements is here:


Hopefully you find something useful here for your own Hawk 5.

Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Aug 08, 2018 @ 04:05 PM | 1,157 Views
Please see the link below for my full review on the brand new Leader 3 from Full Speed RC:


This part 2 of the review where I check out flight performance on 3s and 4s. Part 1 is linked where I review components and setup.

Unfortunately I must report that the prototype motors the reviewers recevied are not reliable for 4s flight on the HQ 3x3x3 props. I have had one burn up, AndyRC has and now NJTech has too.

I have just had word that prototype motors for reviewers are actually 4800-4900kV whereas production motors will be 4500kV.

Read through the review but other flight characteristic are great - good tune, no props in view, excellent VTX, great camera angle options and good battery life. Please do not run props larger than the 2540 until motors have been confirmed as updated! I am getting a new set of production motors to test as soon as they are available

Leader 3 SE on 4s - motor death (0 min 36 sec)

Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jul 30, 2018 @ 05:42 AM | 1,618 Views
My young helper has just finished reviewing the HGLRC AIO VTX DVR on my behalf, click on the lin to read about what's included, specs, install consideration, performance and of course DVR footage.


Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jul 27, 2018 @ 04:59 AM | 1,723 Views
A quick update on sales leading into the weekend. Quality over quantity this time:

First up the emax hawk 5 is only $209 using the code GB$THRCEH5. This is thebest price it has ever been.

Next the FRSKY Taranis QX7 is only $99 here. I believe this is that lowest price as well.

Lastly AKK currently have a VERY good sale on their already low prices. I higly recommend their VTXs for their featureset and price, especially in this sale

...Continue Reading
Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jul 25, 2018 @ 10:20 PM | 1,238 Views
I've just finished the review of the AKK FX3 Ultimate VTX and it is fantastic. It's hard to believe this is only $18 ($16 at the AKK sale at present)

My full review is here:


Key Features I've grabbed from the review are below:

Features as listed
The product I am reviewing today is the AKK FX3 Ultimate which builds on the AKK FX3 as mentioned above. Key features are:
  • 25mW, 200mW, 400mW and 600mW power switchable - a 200mW increase in maximum power from the regular FX3
  • OSD configuration using Smart audio - it has smart audio and yes it is compatible with all versions of betaflight
  • 7-24V input with 5V output - up to 5 direct input or of course any voltage if you power via FC
  • Support Pit Mode - very low power output that is useful for setting up at races.
  • One button frequency and power setup - Support if you do not use smart audio
  • MIC - same as the FX3 however audio is much improved (will get to that soon)
  • MMCX and UFL connectors. It has both!!!

AKK has a sale on at the moment that is well worth checking out - they generally roll around about once every 3-4 months. Clicking on the banner below will take you straight to it.

Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jul 21, 2018 @ 01:32 AM | 1,921 Views
The new Caddx Turtles is available now at Hobbycool for $59


Here's the blurb:

FPV HD camera,1080P/60fps, High Quality Recording,d Autosave on unplug. Large aperture and wide angle aspheric Lens

Model: Turtle
Image Sensor: 1/2.7 CMOS Sensor
Horizontal Resolution: 800TVL
Video Resolution: 1080P@60fps / 720@60fps
FOV Angle of Field: FPV FOV 155o / Recording FOV 170o
TV System: NTSC/PAL (changeable)
Image Resolution: 2 Megapixels
Min. Illumination: 0.1LUX
Lens: Full Size Turbo Eye Lens
WDR: Super WDR
OSD Menu: Yes (Support Voltage Display)
Video Files: MOV
Electronic Shutter: PAL: 1/50~100,000; NTSC: 1/60~100,000
Real-time Audio Output: Yes
S/N Ratio: >60dB (AGC OFF)
Video Output: CVBS
SD Card Supported: 8G-64GB (need Class 10 or above, recommend Class 10/UHS-I/UHS-II)
Dimensions: 28*29mm / Camera 19*19mm (installed with 20*20mm, expand to 30*30mm )
Power Input: DC 4.5-20V
Working Current: 380mA @5V/160mA @12V (low consumption)
Work Temperature: -20℃~+60℃
Weight: 12g

Package Included
1 x Caddx Turtles Camera
1 x 5D-OSD Menu Board
1 x 4pin FPV Silicon Cable (extend into a 2pin joint for OSD board and a 3pin joint for FPV)
1 x Screw Set
1 x Adapter Board
1 x Manual
Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jul 18, 2018 @ 05:16 AM | 1,334 Views
This review has been written by a young friend of mine who is looking to contribute to my website more regularly.

This is his experience as a relative newcomer to sub 2" micro quads, specifically those suitable for indoor flight. Full extensive review is here:


Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jul 12, 2018 @ 08:51 PM | 1,536 Views
My first and arguably favourite micro quad has been updated. The Leader 120 was an extremely popular micro brushless quad that defined the 2.5" category and largely killed off 2" with an improvement in speed, efficiency and handling. The Leader 120 was launched in August 2017 and although still relevant is looking dated with the AIO CMOS camera vtx limited to 25mW and motors that are targeted towards 2s or 3s at a slight stretch. I have multiple reivews of the quad and props here and of improvements here

The new leader 3/3SE addresses the camera with a Caddx Micro F1, 25mW - 600mW vtx with smart audio and moves to a larger motor at lower kV that is capable of 3s and 4s. Additionally it jumps to 3" to allow for the extra weight this brings - approximately 20g extra to move to 87g. This means that power to weight and disc loading is kept similar so feel should be similar to the original with big improvements in FPV and torque.

The new leader 3 retains the classic frame design that served it so well with the allowance for the now standarf 19mm wide micro cams. I have a review sample on the way and am very much looking forward to this. Preorders are up now from $127 for a canopy-free PNP to $137 with canopy and receiver (FRSKY, FLYSKY or Spectrum).

Full details on their site:


Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jul 06, 2018 @ 05:19 AM | 1,560 Views
Did you know the Leader 120 micro quadcopter by Full Speed RC is almost a year old? A lot has changed in this time including improvements to specification but this quadcopter is still relevant today especailly with some considered modifications. The link below is a summary is all I have modded and improved over this time without loosing track of its lightweight heritage.


Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jul 03, 2018 @ 06:52 PM | 5,461 Views
I've just completed a comprehensive initial review of the Hawk 5 focusing in on stock betaflight settings, initial flights, recommended changes and all the parts available. This is the best RTF quad I've ever flown with the tune to match.

This is currently in stock at Gearbest the time of writing (4 July)

Full details here:


Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jun 27, 2018 @ 06:19 AM | 2,272 Views
Quick update with Gearbest and Banggood well into their midyear sales. Banggood has an great deal on the impressive (and regularly out of stock) RSII while Gearbest have a number of ready to fly quads on clearance:

  • Emax RSII 2206 $17 each
  • URUAV UR65 $71
  • Eachine E011c $11
  • GEPRC MX3 sparrow $142
  • Furibee Darkmax 220 $114
  • Furibee X215 Pro-s $114

Check out my page for full details:


Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jun 17, 2018 @ 04:22 AM | 1,579 Views
Get in quick, they are nearly all gone:

BFight 210 210mm Brushless FPV Racing Drone - BNF FRSKY. Use code GB5OFF to get this for just $100.

Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jun 13, 2018 @ 11:28 PM | 1,876 Views
Hi guys

The excellent HGLRC XJB 145 is only $106 at present using the code IT$RCqc01. This is the lowest price it has ever been by some margin.

Product link is here (it is an affiliate link) :


All the other specials I've picked out are here: