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Posted by QuadifyRC.com | May 08, 2019 @ 10:38 PM | 442 Views
The Hobbymate Asteroid is a new 3 inch quadcopter that is available in kit, BNF or PNF formats that is available with motors and electronics suitable for 4s or 6s (!) operation. The purpose of the blog linked is to show how I have built in close detail and how I have set up betaflight software for optimal performance. Note you can spend an extra $30 to have this build with a FRSKY receiver but I always like to tinker and optimise my build which is why I have chosen this path.

Personally I prefer to build myself, part of the fun of the hobby. Documentation not so much but now it's done!


I'll follow up with the review shortly but boy this is crazy quick in a straight line. With a CNHL 650mah 4s and a 80% throttle limit it's faster than anything I've flown. I plan to put a GPS on to verify.

Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Apr 16, 2019 @ 10:21 PM | 1,098 Views
Unfortunately it sounds like Kabab got shafted by happymodel on this one but for what it's worth I've written an article below analysing the components they have chosen and my thoughts on them in some detail.


Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Apr 07, 2019 @ 07:36 PM | 1,017 Views
I've just finished writing a step by step tutorial to add USB charging to your Taranis X-Lite by installing the $10 Fullspeed charging module.

There are about 30 pictures with 24 steps to hopefully make this straightforward. If you can solder up a flight controller then you can probably install this.

Full tutorial is here:


Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Mar 07, 2019 @ 05:05 AM | 1,830 Views

The Emax Tinyhawk is a 1s brushless whoop-style quadcopter that has steadily grown on me since I first reviewed it here. It's certainly not the fastest but is probably the most well designed ducted quad available at present. It comes stock with very good 3-bladed emax props that perform well except that lack thrust when running in reverse meaning "turtle mode" does not work. I've installed and reviewed their new 4-bladed props where turtle mode works and how they perform in general.

Read the rest of the article here including flight performance, weight, impact on efficiency etc.

Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Mar 03, 2019 @ 07:58 PM | 2,271 Views
I've finally finished my build, setup and review of the Eachine Tyro79 in text/picture format.

Given the spec I was expecting it to fly like a pig but it was much more nimble and certainly more effecient that I'd expecting.

The camera started off ok then lost the ability to see in shadows at all so I'd budget $15-20 for a replacement. Is it still a good deal for $95-100? I think so but it is closer to the price of other 3" PNF quads.


Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Feb 04, 2019 @ 06:13 PM | 2,316 Views
If anyone is looking to upgrade to the V3 (trashcan) frame I can strongly recommend it, even if you do mount it backwards.

It gives the strength I was always looking for in the frame without hurting the weight or flight performance.

This step by step walkthrough was written to help newcomers or those less confident - no soldering, cutting, drilling etc., just bolt on an 5-20minutes.


I'll be puclishing more articles shortly on bang for buck upgrades on the Mobula 7 to improve performance, range, efficiency and battery life as well as durability.

Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jan 28, 2019 @ 04:14 AM | 2,621 Views
The CNY specials have just started at banggood and they are pretty darn good with a few historical lows including:

Taranis X-Lite for $99
Flysky Nirvana for $119
Jumper T8SG for $19
Tyro99 for $79
DYS Samguk 2207 $7
Eachine Wizzard TS130 $99

All codes are on my website here:


There are only limited numbers on these items, will keep the page updated for international specials as they come up.

Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jan 22, 2019 @ 05:22 PM | 3,059 Views
The Taranis X-lite has been a very successful controller for FRSKY but it does not physically support use of the TBS crossfire module even though it is supported in Open TX software. The simple solution is this $8 adapter which I've reviewed below:


Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jan 21, 2019 @ 04:18 AM | 2,559 Views
It's been a while since I published specials on my page but I have 3 I quite like below:

Emax Hawk5 Bind and Fly $175
SKYSTARS G730L 7inch FPV quadcopter $169
FATSHARK Recon V2 FPV Goggle Glasses 4.3 inch LCD

The Hawk 5 is great value at this price and still a great quad. The 7inch G730L is a heck of a lot of value for a 7" quad having just gone through the expense of building my own. Fatsharks are a little bit of an unknown to me but seem like good specs and a great brand for a budget goggle.

Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jan 14, 2019 @ 03:35 PM | 2,741 Views
The new Gemfan 1635 (40mm) props are now available worldwide on Gearbest and Banggood. They are available in 3 and 4 blade options with 1mm centre hole for 06xx, 07xx, 08xx motors like on the snapper7, mobula7, trashcan beta 75pro 2 and 1.5mm holes for 1103 and larger motors like on the beta75x and fullspeed tinyleader.

I've ordered in 1mm in 3 and 4 blade to try. I'm guessing by the popularity of these small brushless quads that they'll go in and out of stock fairly regularly so you may need to shop around.

Here are the links below:

1.0 mm centre hole 3 blade 40mm

1.0mm centre hole 4 blade 40mm Banggood

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Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jan 13, 2019 @ 03:51 PM | 2,706 Views
I've completed my review and DVR for day and night flying at the link below. After reviewing all the 2s (and 3s) "whoops" it's nice to say the the tinyhawk is still really relevant given the excellent design and solid tune for most users out of the box. I didn't test the RTF kit but that sound like a great option for someone wanting to dip their toes into the hobby.


Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jan 07, 2019 @ 08:38 PM | 3,845 Views
Please see below for a setup and review of the Eachine VR D3 FPV Goggles.

They represent good value for money as a starter or spectator set with useful features like
  • High resolution 900x600 screen
  • Diversity
  • DVR
  • Internal battery included

Full review is here:


Goggles are available here: https://goo.gl/QhTkG4

Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Jan 04, 2019 @ 12:35 AM | 2,925 Views
I've reviewed the new Eachine Trashcan which is a new brushless ducted 1 or 2s quadcopter offered exclusively by Banggood and is available here

Here is the review:


Here is a excerpt from the fairly comprehensive review:

"The Eachine Trashcan is a 2s brushless micro ducted whoop-style quadcopter avaialble exclusively from Bangood. It builds upon the huglely successful Happymodel Mobula7 and it improves it in practically every aspect from a specs standpoint, most importantly for me from a frame strength perspective which I felt was the only real let down of the Mobula7 in my review."

I've also covered the biggest complaint of the popular mobula7 (frame weakness) and how this has been addressed plus how I've proven this is successful with a compilation of DVR crashes so far.

Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Dec 17, 2018 @ 11:15 PM | 5,336 Views
I've started building a long range 7" quadcopter, build objective and parts choice here:


I've also covered why I have chosen these parts and what the alternatives I considered were.

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Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Nov 24, 2018 @ 02:58 PM | 3,167 Views
Exclusive codes at the link below for Cyber Monday on 25 and 26 November. All at historically low prices

Black Friday are still working too

QuadifyRC Quad coupons

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Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Nov 22, 2018 @ 05:10 AM | 3,548 Views
Lots of updates on my page for the black Friday sales, most notable on great deals for the Modula 7 and Hornet 110.

Click through below for all the details

QUADIFYRC Deal and Coupons

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Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Nov 18, 2018 @ 04:15 PM | 2,977 Views
Just 2 listed here today and the first is impressive.

Aomway Commander V1 goggles for $239. This is easily the lowest price I've seen and represents amazing value for money. I written about them when I upgraded from box goggles here. I actually switched to the commander V2 but sold them and bought some more V1s because I preferred them

Happymodel Mobula 7 for $89. This not especially cheap but Banggood are the only retailer getting new stock at the moment.

I'm updating my discounts page every day or 2 at the moment with the sales on, heaps of good deals on there:

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Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Nov 14, 2018 @ 11:09 PM | 2,824 Views
Fatshark Dominator HD3 goggles are the lowest price I've ever seen - $329

Details, links and other black Friday specials here:

QuadifyRC Coupons and Discounts