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Posted by Bazzboe | Mar 12, 2018 @ 10:41 AM | 1,209 Views
Our pilot figures are hand-sculpted and designed to be works of art. Even though 3-D printing is amazing technology, it has diminished true artistry and has and will put many talented artisans out of business. I agree 3-D printing works wonders with industrial and mechanical engineering applications... and more power to it for that. But as for me and my colleagues, there is nothing more satisfying or gratifying than to scan an image with our brains and transfer it to our hands and create our art. When we create a piece of art ,the artist leaves a part of their soul in its creation...There is a life in it. Digital rendering and printing in art try to be too perfect and actually create sterility. Help us to keep promoting true hands-on artistry...and the teaching and exploring of art to all who wish to try.
Posted by Bazzboe | Feb 21, 2018 @ 10:39 PM | 1,163 Views
Welcome to my Blog,
I wanted to let everyone know (and especially those with current orders) I have recently donated my pilot figure and R/C products production(Benchmark R/C) to a non profit company called Build-Up Services Inc. It has been a little confusion and delays in shipping while reorganizing and getting the shop equipped and in order for these changes. This company is an employment service company for Disabled Veterans, and other individuals who may be disabled or challenged to work in a standard workplace scenario. I will be assisting them in training for production , painting, and sales. I have found some very capable and talented Disabled Vets...and think they will become a great opportunity to make this company thrive.
Build -Up Services is also involved in "Faith-Based" counseling, food assistance, and whatever other needs we can help, besides just supply a job. For those who risked it all to secure our freedoms here in the USA thank you . This is the least we can do to support such a worthy cause.
As we transition into a stable workforce we will be posting updates on our website[U] about Build Up Services. There will be links to help support our DAVs and gift offers as well.
We will be implementing some price changes with some of our new listings on the classified site and a complete list will be on our website as well.
Thank you past customers, and hopefully new ones for your support.
Sincerely, Michael Hicks