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Posted by vampire67 | Jun 16, 2006 @ 11:59 AM | 4,466 Views
As I'm frequently asked about my avatar:

It's a russian Mjassischtew M17 Chayka, a former baloon interceptor for high altitude. It's actually only a project. The real (later) versions had a shorter fuselage and a different wing configuration: thread

1,7m wingspan, 1,6kg weight.
Flies with a custom build 65mm twin-fan (two counter-rotating rotors in one housing) on two Race 480/7,2V(no brushless) producing about 7N thrust on 10cells.
Conversion to twin brushless is ongoing but not yet running smoth: thread
I scratch build it from a 3 view.
Flies like a godess.
Borrowed the color sheme from an M55 Geophysica as the Chayka was obviously just plain aluminium; pretty dull ...

Want to get more:
(EDIT videos are offline ...
Maiden Flight video
First brushless flight)