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Posted by Jeremy Sebens | Feb 08, 2010 @ 02:42 PM | 4,978 Views
As my daughter gets a bit older it becomes feasible for me to get back into the hobby, at least in a limited way. But I still have way too much random crap laying about, so I'm selling off everything I don't have an immediate use for. I'll track sale threads here so that folks can see what I've got up for sale.

Power systems part 1

Radio gear part 1

Building Materials and Tools part 1

Engine accys

Eqinoxes (or would that be Eqinoces?)

Radio gear part 2

Power systems part 2

Battery stuff part 2

FREEBIES! (incentive items)
Posted by Jeremy Sebens | Dec 15, 2008 @ 12:54 PM | 6,072 Views
I'm selling off a lot of RC gear due to an utter lack of flying time - one-year-old daughters tend to have that effect. I'll be linking to all the sales from this post as I add them. Check them out!
A whole bunch of ESC's
Spektrum Receivers CHEAP
Chargers CHEAP
Mess o' Motors
Posted by Jeremy Sebens | Feb 05, 2008 @ 09:58 PM | 6,269 Views
As of earlier this year, I am no longer employed by Common Sense RC. We parted ways on good terms, and I still do a bit of freelance consulting for them.

For any CSRC-related questions, please contact the company directly at
Posted by Jeremy Sebens | Jun 15, 2007 @ 11:12 AM | 7,001 Views
Well, after a brief excursion into the oilfield industry, I'm an RC pro again! For a while now, I've been working for Common Sense RC. My title is Marketing Director, but my job really covers a lot of different areas.

Obviously, I'm doing a fair amount of marketing work, and as such, you'll probably see me posting quite a bit on here. In the same category, I'm going to be coordinating a lot of other our marketing efforts - shows, advertising, that sort of thing.

I also handle some of our R&D, and for the past month or two, I've been spending a lot of time in the lab testing our new series of motors and speed controls - very exciting stuff. You can check out a thread on them here. I'm still spending a fair amount of time out there getting things tested for our second wave of releases.

Other than that, I do a lot of other little odd jobs here and there as required. Somewhere in between it all, I try to squeeze in some flying time!

I'm really excited to be on board with CSRC - it's a great company to work for, and we're really pushing to be the go-to guys in electric power. I dig that.
Posted by Jeremy Sebens | Oct 11, 2006 @ 11:56 AM | 9,819 Views
My wife Meghna and I took a trip over to the BEST (Best Electrics in South Texas) Fly-in in New Waverly, and both of us had a wonderful time.

We left from our house in Bryan Saturday morning and turned up at the field around 9:30 to see a flightline already overflowing with EZ-ups (maybe we should have gone out Friday!) Since we were camping, we set up a base on the opposite end of the field, along with a couple of RVs. We were the only ones in a tent, though.

I got a lot of flying in, mostly focusing on 3D stuff, though there were some trips around the pattern with my quick little Corsair, and a few passes at practicing the Sportsman pattern sequence with my Venus II. I even got a couple of flights in on my battered VIP before Adam Sheffield talked me into selling it to him...

Meghna also really enjoyed herself, taking lots of pictures (these are all hers, except for the few that have her in them...) and getting some reading done in the sunshine. She laid down the law, though - no more fly-ins until she has a plane or two of her own to bring along and join in the fun. I'm all for that, so we picked up an Aero Ace for her the other day, and a Twinstar II is on the way as well. I'm really looking forward to sharing this hobby with her, and I'm glad she's come to it on her own.

Our dog Snoopy had a great time, too, and really enjoyed all the attention he got. Luckly enough, he's not bothered by planes, and seems to recognize that they're not birds and don't...Continue Reading