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Posted by JasonNoll | Dec 17, 2007 @ 11:18 AM | 3,492 Views
Hello Everyone!

Just trying to keep things new and fresh while at the same time improving flight performance we now have the Vrolet VIII. One obvious change is the two schemes that will be available. Another change is changing the thrust angle and all the wing incidences for better presentation. Last but not least, a better aileron rigging system to accommodate a faster roll rate. This does not mean that the current V2 Vrolet is “junk”. Both airplanes fly very well. The V3 is a bit more fine tuned to indoor precision aerobatics. Both versions will be available in the "feather" option as well.

Something else to look for is the new Gernot Yak 55m from Fancy Foam.

Very exciting things coming down the pipeline!