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Posted by raynet11 | Mar 31, 2009 @ 09:32 PM | 6,223 Views
Catching up in with my blog entries and projects..

The latest build table victim of mine is a Trex 500:

Standard TR500 CF build, I did drop the battery tray and did some frame grinding to fit my G-Force 6S packs under the hood.

Equipment Used:

Speed controller (Align 60 included with kit)
Motor (Align included with kit)
Servo's Futaba 9650 digital servo's for swash and tail
Futaba GY401 gyro
Posted by raynet11 | Mar 31, 2009 @ 08:48 PM | 5,081 Views
Another flying season is upon us, and though my heli hanger is swelling with toys to play with I can't let go of this old bird. Once known as the Ark X400, rebranded by Helimax as the MX-400. My Mini-T is my 3D machine, my Trex 450 is my banger but the MX-400 fills the gap as the gentle mild mannered cruiser that makes the perfect heli to warm up with when your thumbs are rusty.

Current setup:
CC-35 with ParkBEC
GY240 Gyro
JGF 450TH motor
HS-55's on swash
HS-65 on tail
Spektrum AR6100 Rx